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In furtherance of its charitable remit, the Perkins Educational Foundation invites applications from schools and other bodies working with young people under the age of 25 living in Salford Priors, Bidford-on- Avon and Broom, Harvington and Cleeve Prior. Applications by organisations for financial assistance from the Foundation should be made by 31 March each year.


  1. Applications in the form of a letter attached to an email should be made to the Clerk of the Governors, at There is no specified application form, but applications should be received by the Clerk by midnight on 31 March each year.
  2. Applications should identify why funding is sought and what will be done with any funds awarded; and should provide detailed costs.
  3. Applications should identify how exactly the funding will benefit young people under the age of 25, and what impact it will have on the young people for whom assistance is sought.
  4. Applications will be considered at a meeting of the Governors of the Foundation after 31 March, and all applicants will be informed of the outcome soon afterwards.
  5. Applying bodies and organizations should have a remit to provide education or training or facilities solely or predominantly for young people under the age of 25 living in the specified parishes.
  6. Applications should be for particular items of equipment or material items of a stand-alone nature, rather than for salaries or for any other funding need with a recurring aspect to it.
  7. The Governors do not specify a lower or upper financial limit for applications.
  8. Applying bodies and organizations should also provide details of any other funding being applied for, or already secured, in connection with their application.
  9. The Governors reserve the right to make no award in any given year, and reserve the right to ask applicants to attend a meeting to clarify any aspect of their applications.
  10. The Governors will not pay any on-costs such as VAT or insurance.
  11. The Governors will only make awards directly to applying organisations and bodies. They will not pay invoices from third parties such as contractors.
  12. The Governors request that where appropriate, bodies or organizations successful in their applications should acknowledge the assistance of the Perkins Educational Foundation in a visible way (e.g. a plaque or other permanent marker).


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